Poland-U.S. Operations Sp. z o.o. (PLUS Ops) specializes in the Polish-American defense relationship, and is dedicated to strengthening European and global security through project management and representational services.  Headquartered in Warsaw, we act as a cost-effective in-country interface, assisting in the preparation and execution of defense and logistics projects.  PLUS Ops supports military and government programs such as the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP), and regional defense modernization.

Fully licensed for trade in defense and dual-use goods, our expertise ensures that partners are informed and prepared to take advantage of both emerging and persistent opportunities in the European theater.

Why Poland?

Poland is undergoing a substantial military modernization program designed to replace legacy equipment with modern, NATO standard weaponry as well as bolster its indigenous defense industry.  

While Poland seeks to equip its forces with locally produced content when possible, many requirements demand the rapid fielding of advanced technologies in response to an uncertain security environment.  Additionally, defense industrial modernization provides many opportunities for partnerships and local production.  Located in the heart of Central Europe with an energetic and well-educated workforce, access to the European Union, and boasting a rapidly expanding economy, Poland is an excellent location to consider entry to the European market!

NATO in central europe

NATO on the map

NATO on the map

NATO's increased presence in Central Europe provides opportunities for local industry to participate in a variety of procurement programs with the United States Government as well as the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).  PLUS Ops contributes to regional military activities and the development of local industry by providing the tools and knowledge for Polish companies to participate in these new markets.