FMS plus

Get the most out of Foreign Military Sales


Learn how to maximize the value of your FMS program


Lower costs

The United States Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system leverages the world’s largest defense article procurement system, providing partner nations the buying power, experience, and expertise of the Department of Defense acquisition and program management workforce.

In order to fully capitalize on these advantages, it is necessary to navigate a complex arrangement of international agreements and contracting regulations. Our team of experts is able to review and develop Letters of Request (LoRs) to ensure that requirements are stated clearly, avoiding unnecessary purchases and costs.

Additionally, we are able to review Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs) and associated data to ensure that all deliveries are properly accounted for, and that all services purchased through the FMS system are being fully utilized.

Streamline execution

FMS case management can be very complex. The FMS PLUS program provides expertise in case management and oversight activities. Our team understands the intricacies of FMS support elements, and are able to assist in resolving issues to include:

  • Transportation

    • Delivery Term Codes, Freight Forwarding, Transportation Discrepancy Reports

  • Security

    • Technology Transfer and Licensing, Physical Security Requirements, End Use Monitoring (EUM)

  • Logistics

    • Blanket Order Cases, Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement (CLSSA), Supply Discrepancy Reports

  • Billing

    • Invoicing, Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Training

    • Student Management, English Language Testing, Invitational Travel Orders

develop expertise

Though the FMS PLUS program, we strive to develop an efficient and effective case management workforce. Let us help you train your team to work efficiently with the United States FMS system, and use the various tools and programs provided to their maximum effect.

  • Understanding United States defense and security grant programs

  • LoR development

  • Understanding LOAs

  • Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) usage and training

  • Program Management Review (PMR), Financial Management Review (FMR), and Security Assistance Management Review (SAMR) preparation