PLUS Ops offers a range of services to both local and international industry.  Our in-depth knowledge of American, Polish, and NATO procurement systems and processes is available for companies to swiftly and efficiently access new markets and opportunities.

Market Research

We utilize a variety of public and commercial tools to quickly and thoroughly track, analyze, and organize relevant market data to include public sales records, company registration, credit reports, and other published information.  Our knowledge of local industrial capacity and capability permits swift identification of potential opportunities, partners, and competition.

Networking & Advertising

Poland is an exceptional location for networking technologies and capabilities not only in the region, but globally as well.  Home to the 3rd largest defense trade show in Europe (MSPO), Poland hosts numerous defense events and conferences which draw a strong international presence.  PLUS Ops supports participation in public events and demonstrations as well as one-on-one meetings with key government, military, and industrial agencies.

Procurement Support & TRAINING

Every procurement systems has its own nuances and challenges!  We help and train companies to navigate the regulations and processes necessary to successfully find, register in, submit proposals for, and capture public procurement projects.  This includes the United States public procurement system and rules associated with the handling of "Restricted" data in Poland.  Learn more about the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) between the United States and Poland, and how this could impact your programs in Poland here.

Project Management

At PLUS Ops, we can do more than just facilitate!  We maintain direct contracts with the US and Polish governments, and are able to execute regional projects with an efficient, professional, and cost-effective local presence.  Our knowledge of local pricing and capabilities leaves us well positioned for sub-contractor identification and management in large projects, such as at the Redzikowo Air and Missile Defense (AMD) facility, and during major NATO exercises.  


Navigating requirements to transport over-sized, military, and hazardous material is critical to successful project execution.  With our partners at Pol-Mare, we assist in facilitating door-to-door logistics and are experienced in international and regional regulations, as well as the NATO form 302 process.


PLUS Ops provides dedicated technical and military translation services tailored to the requirements of our government and industrial partners, to include "certified" legally binding translations for official documents.