Poland-U.S. Operations



Central European Support

Poland-U.S. Operations Sp. z o.o. (PLUS Ops) specializes in the Polish-American defense relationship, and is dedicated to strengthening European and global security through project management and representational services.  Headquartered in Warsaw, we act as a cost-effective in-country interface, assisting in the preparation and execution of defense and logistics projects.  PLUS Ops supports military and government programs such as the European Deterrrance Initiative (ERI), NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP), and regional defense modernization.


Cost-Effective Local Presence

PLUS Ops offers a range of services to both local and international industry.  Our in-depth knowledge of American, Polish, and NATO procurement systems and processes is available for companies to swiftly and efficiently access new markets and opportunities.




  • Market ResearcH

  • Advertising

  • Procurement

  • Training

  • Logistics

  • Translations

  • Project Management

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